Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still on two wheels

Here are two photos taken in April of 1984 from Larry's brief AMA Superbike racing career. He competed long enough to reach his goal of national ranking, carrying number 39 for his final season. Two crashes, caused by oil spilled on the track by other machines, were the final straw for his sponsors who pulled the plug on the effort. He soon realized one could have just as much fun on a racing bicycle with far less risk of injury and get some exercise while doing it! He does get a wistful look in his eye when a nice Ducati roars by in Italy but hasn't climbed aboard a moto in years. Thanks to Lori Tyson for the photos taken at now defunct Riverside International Raceway in Southern California.
We'll be off to SoCal soon so watch for some photos of the California Riviera.

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  1. I too miss hopping aboard a motorcycle, Larry. One of these days....