Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to the frozen plains of Iowa

Vacation's over though we did manage to do some CycleItalia related work during our time in SoCal. On Monday we went from sunny skies in LA, as you can see from the shot of the eponymous donut shop near LAX back home to Iowa where a winter storm dropped around a foot of snow. Today it's windy and cold but when it warms up a bit there should be some great XC skiing in one of the local state parks where some rich ski enthusiasts groom the trails both for classic and skate skiiing styles. We need it to burn off some of the post-holiday fat!


  1. What part, if any, of Italy's regions, closest resembles Iowa in topography and weather?

  2. Iowa's winter weather is certainly more extreme than anywhere in Italy though the Lombardy plains and flat areas of Piedmont have some pretty awful winter weather. Unlike Iowa it's damp and foggy with the kind of cold that people say "seeps into your bones". When it's time to retire to Italy for good, we'll be looking MUCH further south!