Monday, January 31, 2011

FRA'MANI Handcrafted Salumi

We've been frustrated for years after returning from Italy with trying to find cured meat products that taste like the "real stuff" we enjoy there. Years ago we discovered La Quercia which took care of our craving for authentic prosciutto and pancetta but until recently we knew of no authentic, Italian-style salami available in the USA. Larry got busted a few years back trying to smuggle in some of the "good stuff" so we mostly did without...until last December.
FRA'MANI makes salami as much the "real thing" as La Quercia does prosciutto! If you know us you know we don't endorse ANYTHING we don't personally use and enjoy, even if we do get paid or "sponsored" for our endorsement. (FTC disclaimer: we received nothing in return for our endorsement of this product) Larry discovered this salami at Whole Foods in Santa Barbara and brought back an entire "salame gentile" to Iowa (ironically the happy pigs who go into this product come from Iowa) to share with friends, ALL of whom agree this is truly "the real thing".
Once this one's all gone, we'll order one or two via their online ordering program. This is of course far from "diet-food" but like anything else good, moderation is the key to happiness and this keeps us from getting too homesick (can one be homesick for a place that's not yet truly home?) during the months we're in the USA.

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