Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CycleItalia Workshop

It's spring, though around here you wouldn't know unless you checked the calendar! A snowy morning made Larry think about cleaning up the workshop a bit and once it was all clean, why not take a photo or two? Here you see the workbench and tool board. We notice a lot of shops keep tools laying around on benches or stashed in drawers -- if you're going to work on bikes for a living Larry thinks you should let you customers know you have the tools (as well as the expertise) to take care of their needs. Having things up on the board makes it easy to find the exact tool and tell if something's missing. The shop wheel-building area's a bit less structured since the truing stand and other fixtures are often moved to gain a bit of room for various wheel-related tasks. White, while tougher to keep clean, reflects light better and is always our first choice when it comes to paint-schemes where visibility is important. Anything not covered with tools in our shop is covered with Giro and Tour memorabilia collected over the years.


  1. Hmmm...looks like the red screwdriver third from the left is WAY outta place my friend. Serious demerits for that transgression. I'll have to give the whole shebang a B+.

    Seriously, a nice workplace Larry.

  2. So, sure, the calendar on the wall says "March." But how clean is that workbench in August, at the END of the season. Kidding. Looks amazing.

  3. When Larry managed a shop in Southern California one of the rules was the technician's workbench and tool area would be neat and orderly at the end of each workday. Maybe NOT as clean as these photos but neat and organized in any case! We also had a "rule" about wearing short pants to work -- only if your legs were shaved...otherwise it was long pants only.