Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CycleItalia "schwag-o-rama"

Like most folks, we LOVE to see our name in print! So much that we put it on a lot of stuff, a lot of which we give to our clients when they arrive in Italy. Here's what 2011 guided-tour guests will receive - on the left is a "Bottle Bubble" the perfect way to bring back that trophy bottle of wine in your checked luggage. Below is a special "Jersey-Bin" to keep your euros dry in your back pocket of the CycleItalia Jersey by Santini in the center of the photo. Below are the custom "Cue-Clip" to hold your map, samples of chamois creme from our friends at Hibros, a pair of custom socks and at right a cinch-sack/backpak to haul all the stuff away! We had 'em put a big white panel on it so you can write your name on it to keep track of your stuff in the van.


  1. I'm diggin' the swag bag Larry - very handy for traveling.