Saturday, May 21, 2011


The search for an apartment continues, though not without some time for fun. Some of these tiny "streets" (vicoli") are amazingly narrow, suitable for fishermen to get down to the sea with maybe a donkey cart -- but thankfully unsuitable for modern automobiles though there are more than a few obnoxious jerks with noisy scooters blasting around. The other photo is of the cannoli  the nice guy at the cheese shop gave us as part of our shopping there. We bought two types of cheese along with some excellent fresh mozzarella, a chunk of spicy salami, some pickled vegetables and a bottle of wine, all for less than $20! Many things are more expensive there than in the US but good food is NOT one of them! We've narrowed things down to an extravagant choice on the seafront and a pragmatic one in the center of the town...but we have a couple more to see before we choose and complete the deal before we head back to the mainland and start our bike tours season.

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