Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet the author, CycleItalia style

We' ve longed for more English-language books about Italian bike racing, especially the Giro d'Italia for years. Our dreams came true in 2011 with not one but TWO great books about La Corsa Rosa! First there was Bill McGann's "The Story of the Giro d'Italia" Volume 1 and a real surprise, "Maglia Rosa" by British author Herbie Sykes. Since Herbie lives in Torino these days we contact him about a chance to meet. He kindly offered to meet us at our Monferrato long as we had tea! A thoroughly delightful two hours of conversation ensued and we're looking forward to meeting up again in the future. Herbie graciously left us with a copy of his first book, "The Eagle of the Canavese". If you can't get your hands on these books any other way, contact us as we'd love to help you and these wonderful authors. Mille Grazie, Herbie!

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