Thursday, September 8, 2011

CycleItalia goes retro?

We ordered a couple of samples from SOIGNEUR as you can see here. Yes, we know they're not technically ITALIAN but the quality is excellent and Larry will attest the soft, 100% merino wool is NOT itchy as he tried these on with no undershirt. We think they're pretty cool but want your input. Let us know if you prefer the red/green design or the tricolore. If there's enough interest in purchasing (we'll price them at no profit to us just to get our name on you!) we'll see about having a small production run done and perhaps we can arrange for yours to be shipped directly to you from the maker in NZ? Note the logo is NOT embroidered on, rather it's knit right into the fabric. These should be perfect for those cool days or to go with your retro kit for the old bike rallies (as in Tuscany's l'Eroica which we'll try to visit this year) popping up all over Italy and elsewhere


  1. Larry and Heather,
    Hope you're well and congrats on the visa for Italy! I wear my CI jersey all the time here in WA/OR events and would love to sport a retro jersey! I prefer the Tricolore. Hope to be able to puchase one soon! Riding up the mountainsides here a lot. Ciao, Rick Freitas

  2. Ciao,

    I'd go for either, tho' I prefer the tricolore (why isn't it trecolore?)
    of the two. A variant of the duecolore might be even better, but...

    Size 'small' please :-).

    Soggy in DC,
    Steve F

  3. Hello, I love the tricolore! Very nice and my friends would be jealous of it. :) I will defiantly purchase one if available.

    Beth, in Kentucky