Monday, September 26, 2011

Interbike 2011 - Larry's wish comes true!

Regular readers of the blog know Larry lamented his favorite tire was no longer in production. He even stockpiled a supply, though all-black versions of this tire were still being made. Aesthetically, all-black just doesn't cut it for Larry. High-end tubulars still have brown sidewalls, why not the clinchers made with the same process? Vittoria Tire heard the requests and while I was looking at their new radial tire (sadly another all-black) a sales guy pointed out this example of my favorite tire, back in production. GRAZIE Vittoria!


  1. Except now you have to get Veloflex to get the "real Vittoria" since the Vittoria brand moved all their production to Indonesia. I've been riding the Veloflex Roubaix for a year now and am quite happy with them.

    Donald Dickson

  2. We're well aware of this Donald. In fact, Larry's tried Veloflex but as of now the widest open tubular they make is wimpy 22 mm...way too narrow for anybody but a flyweight rider and even then they must be run at a high pressure since the air volume is so small. I gave my set away to just such a lightweight. I understand pros will NOT ride on anything marked larger than 22 mm but these 22's are barely 20 when measured with a caliper. I'd love for them to come up with a 25 mm tire, made-in-Italy with some decent distribution -- until then I'm happy with Vittoria (Disclaimer: we get nothing from Vittoria, Larry just likes their tires)