Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gran Piemonte 2011

A sort of warmup (though much flatter) for Saturday's Giro di Lombardia took place today with the finish in the Citta di Campionissimi, Novi Ligure. Larry went down to see the finish and here are a few shots he took. Some race action and some of the equipment, especially the way the teams take care of transporting their bikes both on the car and inside the bus. Note the Androni guys have specific holders for their bus while Garmin and Liquigas just sort of throw them in. On the cars, check out the "business card"  from FA.CO. cut right into the wheel holders including their phone number. These same folks made our roof-racks as well - they're one of the best in Italy. Note the photo fo the team guy securing the bikes on the outside of the car racks with zip ties the minute the cars arrive to park next to the team buses - they zip tie them on to prevent some sticky-fingered thief from making off with one while nobody's looking. Bicisport Magazine had a recent editorial about the costs of fielding pro bike teams being a reason sponsors are tough to find - perhaps bikes worth $10K each are part of the problem? The paintings in the photos were displayed outside the Museum of Champions where they'd reduced the normal admission price by 50% just to celebrate the race! Finally, you see Larry with Aldo from Vittoria Tire. They provide neutral support for the big races in Italy and an excellent espresso too.

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