Friday, October 7, 2011

l'Eroica - finale

Our last installment on l'Eroica features some other photos. One is of the Moser group's guest of honor, Alfredo Martini hobknobbing with VIP's in their stand while another shows the stand of the REAL Gios-Torino. Alfredo Gios (say Joe's with a long sssss) owns the world-wide rights to the name, and is trying to market Chinese products in the classic blue color. He had a huge stand at the recent Interbike Expo but if you looked closely,  you could see all the bikes on display had tiny "Made in Taiwan" stickers on them, so they were Gios products only in name and color. Meanwhile Aldo Gios and son Marco keep the flame (and torches) burning back in Italy with Biciclette Gios near Torino. Sadly, their rights to the name allow sales only in Italy. If you want the "real thing" you might have to come over a few days early for your tour with us and make a trip to Volpiano.

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