Sunday, October 30, 2011


No photos yet as we've been busy, but you can use this link to see the place via the landlord's website. We got up this morning (Sunday) and after breakfast Larry rode the shopping bike down to do some recycling (for some reason there are no bins on the island itself, but they're easy to find just across the causeway) and noticed the cleaning crew inside our-soon-to-be lodging. We finished our packing and decided to see if we could drop some of our stuff off in the new place by dropping by -- surprisingly, the folks were putting the stuff we left in the landlord's garage into the apartment when we arrived! What service! So we headed back to bring the rest of our stuff down so they could haul it over too. We were in (minus a few things they forgot back at the garage) by noon! Plenty of time to ride over to the commercial center and shop for a small "toaster" oven. Heather really likes these vs firing up a huge oven whether it's gas or electric. The real project was, after purchasing it, how to get it "home"? We strapped the rather large box onto Heather's bike's rear rack but Larry had to ride next to her and stabilize the load so it wouldn't fall off the back of the bike when she hit a bump in the road. We wobbled our way over the 3 kms, through the (thankfully) light Sunday afternoon traffic and got our prize home safely. All in time to head out for lunch to celebrate. NO moving for the next 6 months, WOOHOO!

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