Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December in Sicily

These are certainly the "I hate you guys!" types of photos, especially if you're snowed in or captive in a land of bad food. Sorry folks, but someone's got to be here to enjoy it! Locals say there's always a period of beautiful weather in mid-December when the Festa della Santa Lucia is held, today in fact. We'll head over to the Piazza Duomo after a bike ride and pranzo. The other photo is of a pizzolo, something they say is made only in some of the small towns in this region. Somehow a crispy pizza crust is split open and fresh ingredients crammed in as in a pita or piadina. Just right on a warm, sunny day, especially when the ingredients include fresh mozzarella di bufala and rucola (arugula) mmmmmm!


  1. Mamma Mia
    That looks delicious!! We discovered piadina in Riccione a few years ago. We love the simplicity of ingredients, mozzarella, arugula, good olive oil,ham, pomodoro etc. We actually use flour tortillas as a substitute for the typical flatbread used in Italy, with pretty good results.
    I hope you get a chance to visit Piana degli Albanese, my ancestral town, the Cannoli Capital of Sicily.


  2. Ciao Frank, A good, homemade flour tortilla comes close though nothing is the like the real thing despite packaged "piadine" being sold in supermarkets all over Italy. We used to stop at a place in Romagna atop a steep climb and enjoy freshly made ones...amazingly good. I looked up your town, inland a bit from Palermo. Didn't find any reference to cannoli there but if we rent a car and are in the area, "perche no?" (why not?) as we like to say. There are still a lot of Sicilian specialties left to try!