Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Our favorite bakers, the Drago Brothers, the ones with the wholesale bread-making operation who sell a loaf or two to those who know where to find them, make this special fish-shaped loaf for the holiday season. We're sure others in the area do this too, but we KNOW this one will be as good to eat as it is to look at! Babbo Natale will be arriving here in Siracusa in a few days and the town is ready with decorations galore. The warm-up, the Festa della Santa Lucia concluded last night with the venerable statue (Heather claims it's a rebadged Athena) returning to her home on the island of Ortigia after a trip to the "mainland" of Siracusa. Big fireworks displays, both when she crossed the bridge to the island and when she finally made it back to the Piazza Duomo were enjoyed by thousands, including us.

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