Friday, March 30, 2012

Uphill to Sortino

Spring's really here in eastern Sicily. Feeling a bit spunky we set off to nearby Sortino via a peaceful inland valley road. We took the old road up to the town, one so narrow it's easy to see why cars like the Topolino we found up there were perfect for their day. Two of these tiny cars could easily pass each other on the narrow road, something impossible for the oversized gas-guzzlers of today. When Italians need to haul something big, they put it on the roof of their tiny car. We took the new road down as this wider and well-graded road, with its nicely shaped curves, makes for BIG FUN when it comes time to go downhill! We may be slow going up these days, but going down is something we're both still pretty good at - in fact we caught the cyclist you can see in the photo well before reaching the bottom, despite his head start while we snapped the photo. 75 kms for the day created a good appetite, which we rewarded with a lunch of fresh ricotta, homemade caponata and some leftover pasta con sardi.

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