Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cycling Blogs

We're busy packing to head north so the blogging has slowed a bit. Larry thought he'd comment on some other blogs, most much better than this one, especially if you enjoy following pro cycling. First rule of thumb is - with very few exceptions, the more advertising you see on a blog, the less good journalistic content you'll find. With a bunch of advertisers and making money the first priority, most bloggers will shy away from any controversial content and too often their posts end up being "advertorial" in nature. Larry finds Velonation, despite its advertising, to be often first with breaking news, especially if it's controversial. Next stop is Italian Cycling Journal for obvious reasons. Angel(o) also has some interesting links to other blogs that Larry checks out frequently. The Inner Ring is probably the best blog out there if you enjoy reading off-beat stories and intelligent comments rather than the inane, "you suck." "NO, you suck!" blather that infects most other blog's comments section. On the lighter side, Cyclocosm has some good stuff now and then as does Velocity Toto, both with some tongue-in-check, snarky humor. Finally, there's BikeRaceInfo by Bill McGann - great historical content, interviews and all the great stuff that used to be on the Torelli website about frame materials, etc.

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