Thursday, April 19, 2012

Off road in Siracusa

We enjoyed a bit of off roading last week courtesy of Arcadia University's Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences where Heather will teach some classes to students from her college and Aretusa Bike's Gianni Gallaro. They combined to take the current students on a tour of some local sights and invited us to come along as sort of "experts" in cycling. This gave us a chance to drag out the ancient MTB's we brought with us, up 'till now unused since we arrived. The cliffs across the bay from Ortigia are beautiful, spoiled only by some WWII era bunkers, but the water is crystal clear and shores rocky. We continued on to the Fonte Ciane via some paved roads before turning back to Ortigia. It seems most of the student's rear-ends gave out before their lungs or legs but I think they'd do it again if they had the chance!

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