Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best of Piedmont - catching up

Whew!!! The past few days have been so packed with activity we've not had time to post on the blog. But this post will catch us up a bit. Here's a shot of the group ready to leave Villa Sparina for Castellania, followed by one of them in front of the Coppi tombs. That evening we visited the Museum of Champions in Novi Ligure. The next day we were off to Villa San Carlo in Cortemilia, riding past gorgeous lavender fields and under trees loaded with cherries. We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner prepared  by Carlo - here you can see wife Paola preparing the glasses for our Nebbiolo. We burned off a few of these calories riding in the Alta Langa today, including up to our "Cima Coppi" of this trip at around 1000 meters. We stopped for lunch up there as you can see with Ann being served some tajarin. Tonight we'll drive up to nearby Bergolo to indulge in a true "Slow-Food" dinner to fuel us up for the ride through the Barolo hills tomorrow....I'm getting tired just typing all of this!!!

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