Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 season finale

The bikes are all put away for the season along with the rest of the equipment. After 10 months here in Italy it's VERY hard to go "home"...because Italy seems more "home" now than the USA. And Monferrato isn't making things easier with weather like this! ALL of these photos were taken this morning on a ride from Hotel Ariotto. Clear, blue skies with tempting views of snowy peaks in the distance, low humidity and the usual great roads - serpentine climbs and descents from tiny hilltown to tiny hilltown through vineyards and fields of sunflowers - it doesn't get any better than this! Enjoy it via More Monferrato or Taste of Piedmont. Mille Grazie to all who joined us this year. If you didn't, there's always next year! Note: In 2013 ALL of our guided tours will start and end here in Monferrato.


  1. ps....doing about 12 miles a day here in flat, flat florida.....maybe one day ..... :-)