Friday, September 28, 2012

Interbike 2012 - Santini

Here's a shot of (l-r) Paola Santini, Steve Medcroft, Larry and Monica Santini (yes, they are both daughters of the founder Pietro Santini) posing at Interbike. Steve's the boss of the new Santini USA and was busy writing orders all day, getting them to pose for this shot was tough! 
Santini's been the official supplier of clothing for CycleItalia since, well, before there WAS a CycleItalia! Way back when Heather first visited Italy as the guest of journalist friend Renato Fossani, gifts of cycling clothing were part of the deal as Renato was a boyhood pal of Pietro Santini. When Larry came along, he was instantly in on the deal, with plenty of freebies courtesy of Renato/Pietro, including autographed world-champion and Giro d'Italia leader's jerseys from Felice Gimondi! Larry even went so far as to have Santini chamois sewn into the shorts we received back when worked for those "other people" so it was a no-brainer when it came to ordering CycleItalia kits.
We were VERY happy to learn about their new USA venture with dedicated staff and reps here in the 'states. Since we include a Santini jersey with all of our guided tours it was tough not to have the wonderful, 100% Made-in-Italy products easily available to our US clients. That's no longer the case, we're happy to say!

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