Thursday, May 2, 2013

Targa Florio Museum

The blog posts have been rare lately, due to other commitments, the largest one being the in-laws arrival for a visit. Heather's folks are getting up in years so this might be their final transatlantic adventure and we wanted to take as much time as they wanted to see Sicily. 

After a few days sightseeing Ortigia and Siracusa, they were ready for some touring around the island. We started from Siracusa, heading to Caltagirone for lunch, the on to Agrigento to see the famous temples. The next day it was along the coast to Trapani and up to Erice for the night, followed the next day by a tour inland, where we discovered the tiny Museo Targa Florio. 
None of this probably interests the cycling fan, but for Larry it was a break from looking at various archaeological sites in between some great meals! To complete the image of sports cars racing through these tiny towns and along the twisty roads of the Targa Florio, a guy cruised past in a late-model Ferrari was we walked up to the museum. 

We continued through the mountainous inland of Sicily to Randazzo, where we spent the night amid vineyards used to make Etna Rosso wine before returning through Taormina (yes, the famous tourist trap) and Catania where the folks wanted to see the museum dedicated to the Allied landing of 1943. From there it was a quick jaunt back "home" to Ortigia to relax before heading off tomorrow to Palermo to see an opera performance on Friday night.

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