Friday, August 23, 2013

Nelson Vails - The Cheetah

Here's an interesting project- a film about Nelson Vails, 1984 Olympic silver medalist. Larry met him a few times, even attending a party back-in-the-day at Vail's SoCal digs after a USA-USSR track event. Larry still remembers the Soviet riders gathered around in the backyard smoking dope with some of their US counterparts, while KGB agents (at least that's what they said!) lurked on the other side of the fence. 

Nelson's story deserves to be told so we chipped in toward this interesting and worthy project.

Note on this photo: The bike industry would have you believe an "aero" bicycle is essential (same with an "endurance" bicycle and now "gravel" bicycle) but what percentage of the frontal area of the bike/rider combination is the BIKE in this photo? Any drag reductions are likely in the single-digit percentage of the entire package, just as saving a pound or two on your bicycle represents just a fraction of the total of the bike and rider. "Marketing-speak" I think it's called.

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