Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Pop-up" ristorante?

Would YOU show up at a stranger's apartment in Rome and pay them to cook for you? We have to admit this strikes us as a huge risk and with all the great places to eat in Rome, who would take such a culinary adventure?

Turns out to be quite a few based on last night's delicious experience! While Larry doubts he'd ever be adventurous enough to do this without knowing something more about the program than could be found on a webpage, the other 10 folks who joined us seem to have no qualms about such an arrangement. And good for them, because it was a special night.

Heather's off hobknobbing with her fellow philosophical wizards in the USA this weekend so Larry decided to try TheEateryinRome since a) he had to eat somewhere as the Academy kitchen is closed on Saturday evening b) he hates to eat alone c) Domenico (pictured above with partner Sofie) is the same Domenico who ran the show when Larry "helped" in the Academy kitchen awhile back. Yes, he's one of the Angels of the Kitchen so there was zero doubt the experience would be tasty and fun.

Larry roped a colleague of Heather's here at the American Academy, Denise into joining the group. Some folks from Canada were there along with some folks from Denmark - a good mix of tourists and folks who live in the Eternal City, including a few who'd enjoyed dining here in the past. We also had a Danish sommelier dining with us, who also (no surprise!) chose the perfect wines to accompany each dish.

Sofie served the various plates (we'll skip a drawn-out description and just say all were as creative as they were fresh and delicious) while Domenico slaved in the tiny kitchen. Lively conversation + great food and wine + created by people you like = a wonderful evening!!!

Grazie Sofie e Domenico, buon lavoro!

PS-we'll make a return when Heather's around to enjoy it too.

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