Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monuments of Cycling

Long time, no blog. Sorry, but Heather's parents came to visit last week and things were rather busy. Meanwhile, we both got sick with some nasty bug that keeps you up at night with coughing and sneezing. Neither of us has touched a bike in a week to boot.

So, after all this great preparation Larry heads up tomorrow to see the fifth and final of cycling's FIVE MONUMENTS

Doesn't sound so bad you say? Of course not, unless you've allowed your host, Peter Easton of Velo Classic Tours to talk you into RIDING on this course! Mamma Mia! I really (just like a few years ago at Tour of Flanders) just want to see the race live, in-person but Peter insists on my bringing cycling kit and using one of his rental bikes. Funny thing is the same thing happened then, a visit from friends wiped out any sort of training and I went north with a nasty cold. The weather forecast is fine until Saturday and if I've survived until then skipping Saturday's ride might make a LOT of sense!

Look for details on the whole experience next week, provided I survive everything BELGIAN. Next it's Eroica Primavera in southern Tuscany.


  1. Copious photos are going to be mandatory Larry. We expect nothing less.

  2. Sadly, something the doc at the hospital described as "acute asthmatic bronchitis" scuttled the program. Instead of being on a plane to Brussels I was in the hospital. They claim 5 days of rest and the handful of antibiotics, etc. should have me fixed up in time for l'Eroica Primavera next weekend. If I was as tough as Chris Froome I'd just have taken a TUE for a steroid inhaler I guess? L-B-L 2016 for sure!!!