Thursday, December 31, 2015

LIMAR - official supplier to CycleItalia

We've wanted to help our friends at Albabici and Limar for years and now we can.

Limar's 777 helmet complements our CycleItalia kit very well, no? In the past we've worn helmets designed for former Italian national champion Paolo Bettini mostly because we thought the classic tricolore color scheme looked so good.

But this one looks pretty good we think.

Even from the back.

With perhaps a bit of space for a CycleItalia logo near the front?

Pretty simple on the inside with easy to adjust straps, bug net in the front and removable padding.

Let's be frank, we're NOT pro helmet reviewers who can claim to have examined and worn all the new helmets on the market, but we know what we like: this is a helmet that you don't even feel once it's on your head. Just 250 grams. We took it out of the box, opened the easily adjustable plastic retaining gizmo, stuck it on our our head and snapped the straps under our chin. Perfect fit! Of course this might not be the case for your head, but for us the fit was perfect right out of the box.

We're hoping our friends at Albabici will have these in-stock in all sizes soon so we can give you a link to get one for yourself if you can't pester your local bike shop to order it for you.