Thursday, January 21, 2016

GIOS Part 2

Here's Part Two about Larry's visit to GIOS:

Use the link to find their website and then do a Google translation into whatever language you like. Far from perfect but you'll get some understanding of the famous brand and the people behind it.

GIOS is most associated with Roger DeVlaeminck who won Paris-Roubaix FOUR times, three of them on the famous blue bicycles supplied to his Brooklyn team. Above you see DeVlaeminck with Aldo Gios, who was often standing up inside or crouched atop the team car in case Roger had any mechanical issues.

Above is the card attached to Roger's bike in the display at their shop.

And here's the famous name on the top tube.

The photo above shows the evolution of the logo from its creation in 1948 by Tolmino Gios, who raced as a pro on the Legnano team with Gino Bartali before starting his frame business. Sons Aldo and Alfredo carried on the business before going their separate ways. Now Aldo and son Marco keep the torches burning with every GIOS bike 100% Made-in-Italy, Sadly, they have only the rights to sell these wonderful creations in ITALY, not worldwide. This means you have to come to Italy to get one...and plenty of people worldwide do just that!

The only American ever to win the Giro d'Italia started his early career on one of the famous blue bicycles as the card above shows. He didn't win the Giro on a GIOS bike, but somehow the guys came up with one he rode during his amateur days.

Complete with name on the top tube!

Both Roger and brother Eric DeVlaeminck raced cyclocross, Roger winning the World Championship in 1975 while brother Eric (who passed away recently) won the title seven times. Above you see a rare archive photo of Tolmino Gios "washing" Roger's bike in a nearby stream. If you're familiar with 'cross you know in a muddy race the bikes end up weighing a ton, making for a big advantage if you have two bikes - one you're riding while the mud's washed off the other one and you switch them out whenever you pass by the pits.

Mille grazie again to Marco and Aldo for their hospitality and the espresso!!!

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