Monday, April 18, 2016

EROICA California 2016

As regular blog visitors know, we're big fans of EROICA, the bici d'epoca events. We're off to Tuscany for EROICA Primavera in a couple of weeks but here are some photos from EROICA California 2016.

Larry had plans to be there, though it was more about helping our friends at the event expo than riding, as his bike for this event has not been completed yet. Instead our friends from Albabici manned the entire thing for us, doing a great job promoting our ciclismo come una volta (cycling as it once was) philosophy, which we think should be a perfect fit with those who attended this event, the second edition.

In addition to our latest jersey, the blue Nalini one you can see in the upper photo, visitors could also purchase items from the Nalini 70's collection - perfect not only for bici d'epoca events but great any time you're on the bike. Heather likes the wool bib shorts so much she wears them even when riding her "modern" bicycle. She's not alone as the entire stock (except xxxs and xxxxl) sold out!

If you missed this event but still wish to purchase some of the retro-inspired clothing, click HERE or on the link above.

Mille grazie to the nice guys at Albabici for taking care of this for us. We WILL be there in 2017 to ride the event and help out at the expo, we promise!!

Finally, if you want to come and experience ciclismo come una volta in Italy with us this season, there are 1-2 places still available on most 2016 tours if you act fast. Don't miss out.

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