Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More Monferrato 2016

Time to catch you up with More Monferrato 2016. After a damp start (everyone came a few days early) the first official day of this tour was, well...spectacular, as you can see in the photos.

The rains cleared the skies so you could see for miles. Photos like these (more likely better ones) probably convinced the UNESCO people to grant this area World Heritage protection recently.

That's the A26 autostrada not too far from Alessandria looking down from the hills a tunnel takes the high-speed traffic through. Our route goes over the top.

Which provides a fabulous view as you can see.

Here's Larry on his way to the hilltop town of LU Monferrato on the same road.

It seems every other road is designated a Strada del Vino - the amount of surface covered with vineyards is mind-boggling!

No vines here, but a nice shot along a road near Conzano.

And it wouldn't be a CycleItalia tour without some mangia bene to go with the pedala forte!

The locals seem to like us here - a cycling cap never fails to get a smile.

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