Monday, September 12, 2016

Special offer from Albabici

Above: Our amici from Albabici at Interbike 2015

Great news!

Reserve your place(s) on a 2017 CycleItalia guided tour and our friends at Albabici will offer you a 25% discount on anything in their online store.

Not only will you find great Italian cycling products not likely available at your local bike dealer, who more and more is forced to offer only products produced or distributed by his major-brand bicycle supplier, but you'll save 25% in the process!

This could make the price of what we think is the "World's Best Bike Travel Case"*
under $500. But whatever you choose, it's all 25% off the listed price.

The sooner you reserve your place(s) the sooner you can start shopping!

Discount code reserved ONLY for CycleItalia guided tour 2017 reservations. We'll provide you with a special code to be used at checkout. Please don't share the code with others. Our reservation list may be checked by Albabici.

*Sci-Con is an official supplier to CycleItalia

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