Tuesday, April 11, 2017

EROICA CA 2017 Part 1


Since we were sort of stuck in the USA this winter/spring, EROICA CA was added to our list of things to do. We were not sorry, this was probably as much of a true bici d'epoca event that could be organized in the USA!

Above: Hrach, Gianluca and Heather at the (cold) start

Of course the organizers have no control over the weather, which was COLD! At least at the start. We wore every bit of cycling clothing we had - including our rain jackets at the start. People asked us if we thought it would rain, but our reply was "NO, but this is all we have to keep warm!:

 Aboce: Heather poses at a spot that easily could have been in Tuscany

We thought the organizers did a great job, at least with the short (40 miles) course we enjoyed. This started at a civilized hour (8:30 AM) and after cappucini, we were in what looked like the last wave to start.

 Above: Gianluca arrives at the summit of the toughest climb.

Gianluca was lacking a bit of fitness, but you can see his class as a bike racer shows through. We had to drag or push him up a few of the hills but he was game to finish and was glad he did.

 Above: Heather rounds a scenic bend.

While we may have been up for the medium route, the 40 miles proved to be enough. We think more than a few underestimated the challenge of this event with its steep hills and many unpaved sections.

 Above: The organizers did a great job with scenic routes.

We really enjoyed this event.

Above: Heather, Gianluca and Larry celebrate the finish,

We'll have more to post in the next installment along with lots of photos of gorgeous bicycles.

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