Monday, September 25, 2017

Interbike 2017 - Leaving Las Vegas...forever

It's done! Interbike 2017 that is. 

The show moves to Reno, NV next year which leaves Uncle Larry wondering - "Hmmm, you're trading a gambling, boozing, smoking mecca in Nevada for what exactly?" But what does he know?

The pasta (above) is not yet done. These bags of Italian pasta were used in a promotion for the Favaloro carbon-fiber bicycles. A much better than average business card, no?

Piedmont Cycling Resort now has a small fleet of Favaloro bikes for you to try during your time with us. We can even arrange a visit to Favaloro's workshop where you can be measured for your own 100% Made-in-Italy, made-to-measure masterpiece.

Meanwhile, our website is almost complete, so take a look by clicking HERE.

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