Friday, December 29, 2017

SLO riding, slow food

We decamped from the in-laws in Santa Barbara for San Luis Obispo to escape the fire smoke (thankfully gone now) and to explore some new roads.

Today we headed out on this loop. We're playing around with the RidewithGPS website with an idea of making our Piedmont Cycling Resort routes available in this fashion.

We started climbing right away, up Pefumo where this cow greeted Heather.

We eventually sweated our way to the top to enjoy some nice views of the coastline.

The skies were not-so-clear way out there but for us it seemed just about perfect when taking in the fact that it's DECEMBER!

The road was so peaceful and traffic-free we started to wonder WHY? This unpaved section was the second clue, the steep grades being the first. We did see a few cyclists descending as we'd climbed but we figured a road like this on a day like this would have been filled with cyclists, but what do we know?

Soon enough we came down near the sea but a sharp uphill turn treated us to some fantastic views.

Some unpaved trails kept most off this section except for a few hikers. Who says you need a "gravel bike" to ride in the dirt?

And who can NOT smile when you see a sign like this?

Once back to our lodging it was time for some grissini wrapped in Prosciutto di San Daniele, egg pappardelle with roasted red pepper cream sauce and grilled ahi tuna steaks.

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