Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Transportation - but not by car


Most everything we need here is available on the island of Ortigia and the island is only 1000 meters long X 600 meters wide.

But now and then we want to head off the island for some reason or another and sometimes it's too far to walk, especially if you're pressed for time.

Uncle Larry has usually rented a "shopping bike" for the periods when we're down here but decided since our plans are to leave some stuff down here anyway, why not break down and get a proper bike for this purpose?

One with fenders, lights, racks, chainguard, fat enough tires to handle the cobblestoned streets - in other words like a car, suitable for use at any time in any conditions.

The BIANCHI SPILLO Rubino pictured above seemed just about perfect! The only thing lacking was the classic celeste color. They make 'em but the local shop didn't have one so the matte black would have to suffice. Perhaps of less interest to potential thieves anyway? The Q/R's on the seatpost and wheels were replaced for the same reason.

A rack/basket for the front should be the next addition - in fact Heather's (in the "proper" celeste color natch!) came equipped with both so Larry's should have the same setup.

If we need to go farther than we want to ride these, there's an AVIS car rental office at the end of the island with reasonable rates. You really can't drive (and certainly park!) a car on this island anyway, so why have one unless you really, really need it?

Why aren't more bikes like these offered at bike shops or even the big-box stores? "Sprawl-Mart" could order a couple of million and drive the cost down to what they get for those cheapo MTB's - the ones you see those who need transportation often using despite the fact they don't need suspension and all those gears. Instead, give 'em fenders and lights!

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