Monday, March 26, 2018

Electric bicycles - our take

Electric bicycles - our take

In case anyone might be wondering if e-bikes will be available at Piedmont Cycling Resort, here's our response:

This advertisement appeared in the most recent issue of Italy's BICISPORT Magazine. We understand Pinarello's (and RCS, the Giro race promoter who happily takes what we'd guess is a pile of sponsorship money from Pinarello) business goal. MONEY. 
Nothing wrong with this, you need to pay us some to enjoy Piedmont Cycling Resort after all. We don't work for free.

Our position on e-bikes is if they replace a motor vehicle, especially one that runs on fossil fuel, they're WONDERFUL! If you can get to work, school, shopping or wherever using an e-bike instead of a car, you are a hero in our book.

We don't think anybody is going to use a Pinarello Nytro for any of those purposes, it's $7K+ price tag being a big reason. So it would seem to be a motorized toy that replaces a bike you pedal. 
A bike that consumes energy that you supply via electric charging. Charge yours using solar panels and you're pretty green, but still, what is the point?

We've heard claims that these things will let less fit or older cyclists keep up with the faster riders. Same for a spouse that's not as fit as their avid cyclist. We guess "riding" one of these is better than sitting home pouting, but why not go for a ride with those more your speed?

Above is the big ride on offer - it appears to be a Giro stage route. Four lucky winners will get to "ride" one of these things over this challenging course. Our question is once you've completed this course, what exactly have you done? You will NOT have ridden it as a cyclist, but more like a motorcyclist.

If that's your thing, why not ditch the pretense and enjoy this instead?

They use REAL motorcycles rather than disguised electric battery-powered bicycles.

Pinarello's in a tough spot. They sold out to the same company that owns Louis Vuitton luggage and now sell what is pretty much a "designer" product, no longer even made in Italy. They sponsor the SKY Team which with its current issues might be hurting their sales as much as helping them. Where can they find more customers for their products?

How about those who really don't want to much ride a bicycle, but they love the idea of owning a trendy, expensive one?

But "ride" one of these and you'll miss out entirely on -

"The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest”*

We don't doubt that some of our competitors will be offering options like these but we're not planning on dropping the "pedala forte" part of our slogan, so you won't find 'em here.

**"Vogliamo far riscoprire la bellezza della fatica e il gusto dell’impresa." 
GIANCARLO BROCCI, Ideatore de L'Eroica 

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