Saturday, November 10, 2018

Mollo Tutto Vivo a Ortigia

Above: our new slogan

Roughly translates as "I gave up everything and moved to Ortigia" but we didn't just buy a t-shirt.

Click HERE to see a cute video of our new hometown.

Our dream of living full-time in Italy has finally come true! We'll spend a few months here before moving to Napoli so Heather can pursue her Fulbright Scholar role in 2019, then transfer to Piedmont Cycling Resort for the cycling season.

Once that's complete we'll come back down to Sicily for the winter and for all the winters to come.

Don't forget the next Giro d'Italia starts just over 6 months from now so it's not too soon to make your reservations at Piedmont Cycling Resort.

Above: view from our apartment balcony

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