Wednesday, April 17, 2019

FAVALORO - Made to Measure 100% in Italy

FAVALORO - Made to Measure 100% in Italy

Forgive us for thinking this should be a no-brainer, but we'll explain:
For about the same (or less) money you'd pay for a top-line carbon fiber bicycle from one of the major brands, you could instead have a totally custom, made-to-measure, 100% in Italy bike by Michele Favaloro.

In this case we invited our friend and longtime client Dee to visit NAHBS 2019 and meet Michele in-person for the measuring and discussion of exactly what Dee's dream bike should be. Michele will be at Piedmont Cycling Resort June 1 to personally deliver the bike as Dee joins us for a private Vineyards to the Sea tour along with some friends. You could join us at PCR and enjoy the same measuring and fitting experience.

Gianluca of Albabici (above left) handles all the importing and payment details while Michele (above right) is the guy who creates the bicycles in his shop near Lake Garda. If you can't make it to PCR while he's there, we can take you out there on a day-trip if you like.

Once Michele has your measurements he goes to work designing your bike. Schematic drawings are produced and discussed until everything is perfect. 

No "too small, too big and close enough" sizing here like with the big bike makers who source their frames from Asian producers who use expensive molds that limit the sizes available. Sure, they'll make a special mold for a bike to fit their star riders, but for the rest of the team and for you it's too often just t-shirt sizes.

Would you buy expensive shoes or a dress suit in a "close enough" size? When you're laying out this kind of money we think you'd want (and deserve) a custom fit and perche no when it doesn't cost any more?

Next he goes to work in his shop, creating each individual tube for your bike. That's right - he doesn't order up a frame kit and simply glue it together in the right geometry, he makes each tube from raw carbon fiber sheet materials to get the exact characteristics needed. He can vary the thickness, shape and much more and most importantly, create a truly made-to-measure bike for its owner.

Once all the tubes are created, they go into his frame jig and your frame starts to come together. Dee's bike was ordered in mid-March with the delivery date set for June 1. The final dimensions were not finalized until the end of March so this bike will have been created from a schematic and carbon fiber sheets, custom painted in Dee's color scheme and assembled with Campagnolo's Super Record 12 groupset...

All in barely two months!!!

Check back soon for updates,

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