Monday, May 27, 2019

GIOS Raduno 2019

GIOS Raduno 2019

Marco and Aldo Gios were nice enough to invite us to the 4th Gios Raduno this past Sunday. As you can see, the famous blue bikes were everywhere!

Keep in mind that you can not buy one of these outside of Italy, though Aldo's brother Alfredo sells Asian-made blue bikes worldwide. Owners of these bikes come from around the world to buy the real ones and there were folks here from Korea, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, and South America as well as a few places we missed.

It's like one big family and there's always a new member to meet. This time we met the son of L'EROICA's famous Luciano Berrutti (among others) and made plans to see his museum. We met plenty of other folks as well with plenty of business cards being traded.

We parked the bikes to walk over to see the start of the Giro d'Italia Stage 15 in Ivrea

After the racers signed in and departed the GIOS crew got to ride around the first few kilometers of the course to great applause.

Above you see Heather posing with Marco Gios at the food stop. They have the best, freshly baked focaccia, salami and Barbera wine!

Didi Thurau's GIOS was there...

...ridden by Fons De Wolf as a guest of honor. He kindly signed posters of him on a GIOS bike during his racing days.

We couldn't resist a photo of the Piedmont Cycling Resort car in front of the GIOS shop and showroom. You might wonder about that other GIOS bike on top of the car next to Heather's. More about that later.

As we departed, another guest of honor was making his way out. Italo Zilioli lives in Torino and stops by to say CIAO at each raduno.

Zio Lorenzo has now enjoyed two of the four versions of this event so far and hopes to be able to attend many more in the future. The entire Gios family puts on this great event.


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