Wednesday, August 14, 2019

In memory of Luciano Berruti

Luciano Berruti 1943-2017

Luciano Berruti was not the founder of the Eroica events (that was Giancarlo Brocci), but he WAS the face of them. Seemingly endless images of the man pop up at the mention of eroica or vintage cycling.

We first met him in 2015 at the smaller spring edition of the popular EROICA in Tuscany. You can read about that HERE. We saw him again at the California edition the following year which you can read about HERE. He was both pappa (Italian for father) to his sons and papa (Italian for Pope) to the EROICA faithful.

We were sad to learn of his death two years ago. We'd even contributed to a short film made about him that you can learn about HERE.

Earlier this year at the GIOS Raduno Uncle Larry rode up next to a guy on a GIOS bike with "Luciano Berruti" lettered on the top tube. He asked how he came to be riding this bike and Luciano's son Jacek introduced himself!

We'd seen him before, most recently at last year's La Ghisallo event where a memorial Mass was said in the chapel, but his face wasn't familiar enough to recognize, unlike his famous father. By the end of the raduno we'd been invited to visit Cosseria, their hometown and site of -

Check out for more details.

Various dates were set and broken (for various reasons) until we finally could attend the memorial on the two-year anniversary of Luciano's passing - he was out riding his bike (of course) when his heart gave out.

We couldn't get there to attend the ride or cemetery visit, but we did get there in time for lunch! Far more than just a post-ride pasta party, we dined with Luciano's friend and Eroica founder Giancarlo Brocci and Luciano's widow, Sofia.

Many stories and photos were swapped during the pranzo and then it was time to see the museum! This was Luciano's personal collection on display in a space provided by the town of Cosseria after Sofia told Berruti something to the effect of "either the bikes go out of the house, or you go out of the house!"

They are wonderfully displayed along with Luciano's collection of cycling jerseys. Below are photos taken by Zio Lorenzo - enjoy!

Quite a collection, eh? Luciano may be gone but he left us wonderful memories and this amazing collection to enjoy.

Grazie Luciano! 

And grazie mille to Jacek and the friends of Luciano for their warm hospitality!!!

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