Monday, September 2, 2019

Pizza Napoletana in Sicily

Pizza snobs move to Sicily

We admit it - we've become insufferable snobs when it comes to pizza. Four months in the historic center of Napoli, just minutes from the most famous makers there will do that to you as regular blog readers know.

So now we've moved to Sicily with a house purchase in the works. Sicilian-style pizza is OK...just. But the stuff was supposedly invented in Napoli and nobody much argues they do it best. Now that we're down here, wouldn't it be nice to enjoy something similar now and then?

We saw the sign for this place awhile back but didn't pay much attention until we came back this week after having a truly awful pizza up north. We were sort of desperate but we were rewarded here - Anima e Core might have been near the back of the back in our Great Pizza Shootout, but they at least would be IN the pack!

That may sound like faint praise, but it's not. They even had Pino Daniele music playing, only letting us down when they didn't have a Neopolitan espresso to finish our meal.

Buon lavoro!!!

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