Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Pista Ciclabile (pee-stah chee-kla-bee-lay)

It's a mouthful for non-Italian speakers but some of 'em here are pretty nice. We spent a lot of time on the one in Rome along the Tiber but we don't get out here too much.

This direction goes away from Siracusa

This one's an old railroad line with lights now strung up along the way, some of which is cut into the rocks to keep things more-or-less level as trains tend to like.

This is the way back into Siracusa with Ortigia in the background

The trail is unpaved in most places, kind of a sandy, crushed gravel type of surface. Yours truly rode out of Ortigia along a route we call "Dead-dog" because (honest to goodness) the first time we rode it we passed by a dead dog in the road about 10 kilometers out, but then turned towards the coast.

After a few kilometers of less-than-great riding you can access the end of this rail-trail, though with a road bike you're probably gonna have to walk a bit up a rutted incline, as I did today.

But from there you don't need a "gravel bike" as a normal road bike (even one from near the turn-of-the-century like mine) will do just fine.

On a Tuesday midday, there was nobody out here, so my little handlebar bell didn't get much use. The trail ends at the edge of Siracusa, just a short distance away from Ortigia. 

Heather likes to take her study-abroad students out here on rental bikes, which they always enjoy.

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