Friday, November 15, 2019

New Shop

A tiny bike workshop at home.

And we mean tiny! 14 X 14 feet is all the floor space we have on the ground floor here. This limited us to a 1-meter workbench and a folding workstand from our friends at Bicisupport/Albabici (Grazie Gianluca & Co!) as we needed to keep a way through from the doors to the outside you can see in the photos across to the doorway that enters the stairwell leading up to the rest of the house.

The entire footprint of this house is small - Zio Lorenzo paced it off as roughly 20 X 25. That's it! Bikes on one wall, workbench and tool chest on the other with storage in a loft above, accessed by the stairs you can see in the photo.

The builders back in 1900 went UP instead of out with a bedroom on the first floor and a living room on the second. Our guess is animals probably lived on the ground floor where the bikes are now? Further up another loft has the kitchen and a final climb to the tiny terrace with view of the sea. 62 steps from the ground to the terrace will keep us in shape without ever leaving the house!!!

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