Sunday, December 1, 2019

Another Sortino Sunday

Another Sortino Sunday

You can sing that to the tune of The Eagles "Tequila Sunrise" if you want. This time Heather was out there with Zio Lorenzo.

Hard to believe this was the 1st of December but it was sunny, clear and warm enough for very enjoyable cycling.....

...though we DID encounter a sort of "traffic jam" along the way, but otherwise these roads are almost traffic-free.

Heather did don a windvest and arm warmers for the ride down from Sortino but those were ditched as soon as we finished the descent.

Post-ride it was time for Sunday pranzo - bruschetta al pomodoro (with bread grilled outside on the gas grill) followed by some wonderful Ribollita Heather made awhile back and stashed in our freezer with a second plate of grilled sausage, onions and peppers washed down with a Nero d'Avola from Tasca da Almerita.

Buona Domenica!!!

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