Monday, May 4, 2020

Free at Last! Phase 2 lockdown begins in Italy


Harry & Leather with Ortigia (Siracusa) in the background

They let us out! Our road bikes have not been out of the house (unless you count up on the terrace) for 2+ months!

But today Fase 2 of the Covid-19 Italian lockdown began and outdoor exercise was OK again as long as social-distance regulations were followed. Families don't have to worry about distance between family members, just the rest of the population so we're just fine riding together as we usually do.

It looks like we're dressed for cold in the photo despite the summer-like temperatures. Those buff things get pulled up over our faces when we're in the town or pop into (like we did on our return today) a store to grab something while we're out. When not over our faces they sit there around our necks, but so far the breathable material's not felt too warm.

Otherwise, we're still in "stay safe, stay home" mode but now with cycling outside added to our weekly outing for groceries and a couple ventures out of the house each week for fresh bread and drinking water.

Restaurants are free now to offer take-out food, same with coffee and pastry shops. We're hoping our favorite pizzeria might offer pizza-to-go soon*?

We still can't go anywhere (as up to Piedmont Cycling Resort) for now but there are two week gaps in the loosening of the restrictions so they can gauge how the greater freedom impacts infection rates. If all goes well most things will be open again and travel will be freed up by early in June.

Wherever you are, please follow the regulations put-in-place by your local health experts - we're all in this together!

Stay safe. Stay home.


* Anima e Core has reopened for delivery or to-go service!!!!

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