Monday, July 13, 2020

Covid-19 Update: No end in sight for USA ban

No end in sight for EU's ban on USA visitors

"Sorry folks. Wallyworld is closed." as John Candy once said. Two weeks since the EU's ban on entry to visitors from the USA it seems things have only gotten worse.

The blog who banned Zio Lorenzo has readers who wonder what's going on here in Italy with us and the coronavirus:

USA still tops the charts of new infections as of yesterday with almost 60 thousand while Italy's currently down in 56th place with just 234.

Statewise, New Mexico reported 255 while here in Sicily we're down to pretty much 0.

Tourists (from the EU) are back in Siracusa with most wearing (or at least carrying them so they can put 'em on before entering a shop) masks and observing social-distance regulations.

So far the solidarity demonstrated by most Italians (and the rest of the EU) seems to be working to combat the spread while sadly that can't be said about the USA. How and why wearing a mask became so politicized there is something for others to figure out, but it's sad nonetheless. We hope for the best for our family and friends in the USA.

We're still not going out any more than necessary though Zio Lorenzo is now attending classes at a local driving school. With the contagion levels at or near zero he's taking a calculated risk.

We'll take another risk and go up to Piedmont Cycling Resort in August to show our support for our hotel partner and friends and to bring back some cycling clothing, bikes and parts from storage up there. We might even see some of the rescheduled RCS promoted pro bike races if they actually put 'em on. A couple of them are planned to pass by very close to PCR.

We'll keep updating the blog, but no new issues of La Gazzetta dello CycleItalia will be emailed until September at the earliest. We plan to re-open Piedmont Cycling Resort in 2021 when (we hope) this pandemic is just a bad memory.

Stay safe. Stay home as much as you can.

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