Sunday, September 6, 2020


 Whatever happened to "Larry T"?

jcSaturday, 5 September 2020, 10:34 am

Anyone have any idea whats happened to “Larry T”. I know the TdF is not as good a race as his beloved Giro 🙂 but his rather idiosyncratic view of cycling was always interesting even if I rarely agreed with his point of view.

  • BCSaturday, 5 September 2020, 11:54 am

    Larry has probably felt the impact of C-19 in both his business and private life.

    I am sure he will return when the world has returned to a more normal state.

  • This was not one of the blogs that banned Zio Lorenzo, but one he just stopped posting on along with all the rest.

  • Why?

  • The online stupidity around the Coronavirus pandemic just got too much to handle even on cycling blogs, as previous posts have described.

  • This blog (the name of which you'll have to guess) was full of the same stuff but once cycling started again Zio noted the (now about cycling again, grazie!) comments were no longer anything resembling the thoughtful, civil, cycling discussions he'd previously enjoyed there before it all fell apart with the pandemic. The place now seems more like a bar where drunks just yell at each most of social media!

  • The only bits worth reading there now are pretty much just what the author posts - the comments have devolved into the same old moronic crap found on the more mainstream cycling blogs. Zio Lorenzo no longer posts on any of them and is much happier for it!

  • As my wife says, everything has a time and a place. There could well be another bicycle racing blog with intelligent content and interesting, civil comments, but Zio's in no rush to find it.

  • Just today we were live-streaming  coverage of LeTour and the Italian technical commentator was lamenting this same problem, so we know this is not limited to English-language cycling blogs.

  • Is TV or video entertainment made better when morons at home in front of their screens are allowed to vent their opinions during the coverage? Larry T. thinks not so he'll vent his only here so all 5 of the blog readers can read 'em..or not.

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