Friday, October 2, 2020

MTB by the sea

 MTB by the sea

We brought our vintage (92-93?) MTB's (7 speeds, 26" wheels, rim brakes) down with us from Piedmont a few months ago and Zio Lorenzo finally got around to making them fit to ride again after sitting in storage in the Piedmont Cycling Resort attic for 5 years. The old Rockshox INDY suspension forks still moved up and down nicely and the funky white Vittoria Saguaro tires were not even rotten!!!

The last MTB's we rode were the newest-latest style with 29" wheels and hydraulic disk brakes - but these old things seemed to work just as well, especially without the crazy-wide handlebars and ultra-short stems of modern MTB's.

The cliffs in the photo are just north of us between the rail-trail and the sea. Perhaps a bit too rocky for anything short of a gravel bike but just right for ancient hardtail MTB's like these.

Zio Lorenzo's got some drop bars to put on his to make it a sort of "super-gravel" bike like his old Bridgestone MB-1 from back in the day. Check back for photos when that project is ready-to-ride.

The guy you see here took a nice dive into the sea while we watched though we doubt he could hear our clapping for his demonstration. 

He took another dive as we passed on our way back home, this time up on the rail-trail.

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