Sunday, December 6, 2020

Book Review: GIRO 100

 GIRO 100 by Herbie Sykes

Zio Lorenzo's a big fan of Giro d'Italia history books but his Italian reading comprehension's not really good enough to get all of the subtleties or metaphors in Italian-language books on the subject.

To the rescue come guys like Herbie Sykes! GIRO 100 was created after Sykes sought out and met up with 100 different people involved with La Corsa Rosa over the years from racers, directors, organizers, sponsors and others.

There's a great chapter about our friend Aldo Gios which would make the book worth the price on its own but Zio found the other 99 just as interesting and entertaining.

Sykes' MAGLIA ROSA was such a great book we couldn't resist adding a copy to a promotion we did around our friend "Chairman Bill" McGann's The Story of the Giro d'Italia when it first came out. If you enjoyed those books you'll love GIRO 100.

There's probably still time to get a copy for the cycling enthusiast on your holiday gift list. Click HERE to get one.

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