Thursday, April 1, 2021

Dual disc brakes?

 More brake than you'll ever need!

Ever since disc brakes for road bikes were introduced Zio Lorenzo thought if you're gonna have 'em (and for him the jury is still out on 'em) there should be two up front, just like the ones on the motos he raced back in the day.

Like on "Monster Zero Jr." in the photo above. These 13" floating steel rotors pinched by (then) state-of-the-art Lockheed calipers would stand Junior on his front wheel in an instant if you wanted, or slow you down from 150+ mph in order to make it through turn 1. No fade, just consistent braking, lap after lap.

Zio Lorenzo has a fantasy of a "Super Monster Gravel" bike so he was interested enough to email our friend Mauro Mondonico at Colnago...asking how Campagnolo was able to make the same lever/master cylinder work with one or two brake calipers since that is normally not possible?

He delighted in revealing (as they call 'em here in Italy) the pesce d'aprile.

Buon lavoro Colnago!!!!

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