Thursday, April 15, 2021

Stop Covid Part ?


Zio Lorenzo has been vaccinated! Yes, the supposedly poor and dysfunctional healthcare system here in Sicily has somehow come through for him, partly due to the efforts of his wife's pestering (via email) various authorities over the past few weeks to get him a slot for a shot as an over 65 resident of Italy.

So yesterday afternoon he showed up, filled out various forms, waited in various lines and spoke to various nice people working at the vaccine center just off our tiny island and eventually (the whole thing was done in 90 minutes) walked out, climbed on his shopping bike and headed home.

With an armful of Astra-Zeneca vaccine and an appointment for a second dose July 1. Was he afraid of this vaccine because it's not currently approved in the USA and has been linked to some blot clot issues like J & J's?

NO, because he checked out the facts. The risks of dangerous blood clots are lower than being hit by lightning and certainly lower than the odds of being hit by a careless motorist while enjoying bike rides almost every day. They are literally "one in a million" and depending on who you ask, not much different than the other vaccines currently in use.

Zio's advice: Get vaccinated with whatever the medical authorities have to offer! PLEASE! The odds of waking up dead from Covid-19 are many, many, many times higher than known risks from any vaccine. The sooner we all get vaccinated the sooner we might be able to enjoy life more without fears of catching or spreading this plague!!!

And the sooner you might be able to join us for la dolce vita in bicicletta at Piedmont Cycling Resort!!!

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