Saturday, November 13, 2021

Sun? What's that?

 Sunny Saturday in Siracusa

Apologies if you're in a place with freezing temps now that it's November, but the past few weeks here have caused us to think of the Pacific Northwest!

We had the "medicane" last week with lots of flooding north of us and roads full of puddles and potholes here in Siracusa. Zio Lorenzo has forbidden the riding of the freshly-washed road bikes since of those "Want it to rain? Just wash the car!" situations.

Now a cyclone is parked over Sardegna with Sicilia getting in on the rain and wind. Zio even had to take freshly-washed laundry to the use the dryers!

But the sun came out yesterday so we were out on the bike trail with the ancient MTB's that a) Have some basic fenders that keep most of the wheel spray off your feet and backside b) Zio Lorenzo doesn't care if they get dirty.

Today we headed north and climbed a bit to Castello Eurialo, just for a change of scenery. The roads up on the ridge are less-than-great pavement-wise in normal times but after the rains we were very happy that we had the fenders...and the fat tires!

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